Quan Lan Island in Halong Bay

Quan Lan island

The untouched Quan Lan Island in Halong Bay

The untouched Quan Lan Island has long charm visitors thanks to evergreen forest stretching gorgeous white sand dunes. Coming to Quan Lan Island, visitors will have an opportunity to comfortably immerse the untouched and tranquil nature.


Lied in a big inhabitant island on dreaming Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island is a superb land in which nature generously endows numerous explorations. It not only absolutely converges factors of natural scenery but also has the variety of historic and long-standing cultural values.

Quan Lan island | Bai Tu Long bay

The island owns an area of 11 km2, extending east-west direction from the foothills of the Van Don mountain range to Got Mountain. By the high mountains to the east, it looks like a wall to prevent the waves from the sea to protect the inhabitants in the island. Once landing in Quan Lan Island, visitors will be attracted by the pristine beaches covered the white sands and blue clear sea water. Absolutely, they have the opportunity to visit the cultural historic sites on the island. Also, they are comfortable to enjoy the delicious seafood catching by local inhabitants. It is the ideal place for fresh seafood lovers.It is very worth for visitor to have a wonderful journey to discover Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay on a luxury private cruise.


The route to Quan Lan shows as a world of evergreen aspen trees and pine forest, etc which stretched along the coast. It gives you an image of a princess sleeping under the breathtaking sands. While you travel to Quan Lan Island, you can see Tuk Tuk – mainly vehicles here. Visitors will most impressive by the friendly of local people and beautiful nature. Visitors come to Quan Lan Beach of course not out of awe for the pure beauty and the wilderness.  Quan Lan beach is different from other beaches in North for its incredibly pristine and smooth white sands

The beauty of Quan Lan Island

The sloping seashore and calm waves are very appropriate for bathing. As well as, Quan Lan regularly turns into rather more romantic and charming with massive golden sand dunes endlessly stretching. The addition is the inexperienced water spinach, together with pristine surrounding areas which haven’t been affected by the human. It’s priced a super vacation spot attracting vacationers when collaborating in Bai Tu Long journey.

Quan Lan island | Bai Tu Long bay

3 well-known seashores of Quan Lan Island

The character favorably endows sands in Quan Lan a special magnificence. These tiny grains of white sand are a lot smoother and purer than different seashores in North Vietnam. As well as, white sandy coastal caves instantly welcoming the daylight create glowing gentle. Quan Lan Island retains three well-known seashores, particularly Son Hao, Minh Chau, Quan Lan. Son Hao Seashore owns stretching sandy shores and powerful waves. It is appropriate just for vacationers preferring thrills. In the meantime, Minh Chau Beach brings soothing emotions with small waves rippling in the wind to the shore. Quan Lan seashore is the one that’s closest to the pier, However, probably it is the most stunning of all three. It absolutely attracts visitors with crescent-shape stretching and is surrounded by hills interspersing previous pines.

Quan Lan island | Bai Tu Long bay

Impressive when coming to Quan Lan Island

What will be more enjoyable when lying in hammocks, breathing fresh air on the island and admiring the immense picture of nature? In fact, even when the night falls, visitors are still pleasure with the waves. When the night falls down and it is dark, the light on the water is extremely breathtaking with beautiful phosphorescent sheen. Quan Lan Beach is actually safe and comfortable. Visitors will be impressive for this untouched Quan Lan beach island for its beauty, wild and local people.

Thanks to the beauty of the stunning landscape and fresh atmosphere, Quan Lan Island really brings the purity for those who once set foot in the pristine beautiful island. It would be great Vietnam tours Quan Lan island experience on this trip.

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