Top 3 destinations shouldn’t miss in Halong Bay

Sunrise in Halong bay | Halong bay cruise

Halong Bay is a destination which is attractive domestic and foreign tourists by thousands islets and islands. A cruise trip offers a reasonable itinerary which is a perfect choice for travelers. It is the result of carefully researching and planning by the cruise operator which creates a wonderful route. It is wonderful for visiting, relaxing and joining different activities on the bay and cruise. Therefore, you’re planning to book a cruise for your holidays, make sure to check out these 3 destinations:

Top 3 ideal destinations for traveling Halong bay

# Titop island

Titop island | Top 3 destinations on Halong bay | Halong bay cruise

Titop island is located in the heart of Halong Bay. It is about 12km from Tuan Chau Marine and 7km from Bai Chay beach. The island was named Titop by Uncle Ho to mark the souvenir when visiting the island with astronaut Russia Giecman Titop on 22/11/1962

Titop is an island with a mountain, steep slopes, a side of the slope with white sand crescent shaped, clear blue seawater as the pearl. Titop mountain summit is an ideal place to admire the beauty of Halong Bay panorama from the top. Besides, come to Titop island, you have opportunities to experience a lot of different activities.  Furthermore, the beautiful beach is very relevant to swim with their family or lie on the white sands for sunbathing. Even, you can take part in sports activities such as water volleyball or kayak.

Apart from the beach relaxing, you should realize a climbing trip to Titop mountain summit, where you can enjoy Halong bay panoramic scenery from high above. Surely, The unique itinerary is an amazing activity in the cruise itinerary.

# Luon Cave

Luon cave | Top 3 destinations Halong Bay | Halong bay cruise

Located 1 km from Surprised Cave, Luon Cave is a place where you shouldn’t miss once traveling to Halong Bay. The cave entrance looks like a natural gate which about 2.5m – 4m high from the tidal above. Luon Cave only allows small wooden boat or kayak to pass through. Passing the gate, you will see a stunning world with a landscape that looks like a close lake surrounded by limestones. Addition to, you can see the green cycads, ferns to many orchids that hang their sweet-scented flowers.

Luon cave and its surrounding is the perfect destination for kayak and sightseeing in Halong Bay. Moreover, paddling the kayak in the calm and see the beauty of limestones is a great experience.

# Soi Sim island

Soi Sim island | Top 3 destinations Halong bay | Halong bay cruise

Although Soi Sim island isn’t famous as Titop island, it’s destination which you shouldn’t miss when traveling Halong bay. The island is named after a popular plant growing here, Sim trees. The trees blossom from March to August every year for travelers an interesting view on this island.

Yes, Soi Sim island is a new place for travelers visit. The island has two white sandy beaches and two mountains covered with primeval forests brings the pure beauty. Water activities and luxury service don’t fully establish, however, you can enjoy the quietness and peace here.

Plan to discover the beauty of 3 destinations in Halong Bay. You can book at this site or or hotline +84 129 909 8686. You will design a fit itinerary with your time and budget.

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