Halong Bay Responsible Cruise – Princess Junk team and Origin Vietnam Travel understands that your cruise maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity. We work very hard to ensure that you receive the best value and experience possible.

We also firmly believe that tourism in Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay must be sustainable and benefit all stakeholders. As a responsible travel and tourism company:

» We operate with the utmost respect for the environment and local culture.

» In partnership with Ha Long Bay Management Board, we launched a project called “For a Green Ha Long Bay” in March 2008. The project is situated in  Cong Dam fishing village, a community intimately linked with Ha Long Bay.

On the day the campaign was launched, 50 plastic rubbish bins were given to families living in the village. More importantly, our project focuses on education and communication in hopes that all locals will soon realize the benefit of conservation.

We are actively supporting this  project over a  2 year trial period, then hope to expand it to other villages in Ha Long Bay.

» We have helped to establish  community-based tourism. Many local fishermen are now involved in and benefit from our tourism activities in Bai Tu Long.

» We use local food and produce whenever possible.

» We work hard to support the school at Cong Dam fishing village with exclusive sponsorship of our project started in 2010 called “Children and School in Cong Dam Village”. We are working hard to seek support to help build schools and create job and educational opportunities for the local people in the area.

What did we do for Cong Dam Floating Village in 2010?

What did we do for Cong Dam Floating Village in 2011?

» We actively encourage local people and business to collect litter and protect the appearance and ecology of Ha Long Bay.

» We encourage you to respect the environment and culture of the area. For more information how you can help us achieve this goal, please contact us prior to the commencement of your trip.

We ask for your support, and with it, we can all help to keep Ha Long Bay beautiful  for future generations of  both local peoples and visitors from around the world.